10 Best Dating Blogs for Single Dads

Around eight percent of the UK’s two million single parents are dads bringing up their kids alone. Regardless of your route into single parenthood, balancing working life with raising your kids solo can be an uphill struggle, let alone finding time to date. Here’s our round-up of the best blogs for single dads that can help bring comfort, advice, laughs and maybe a new love into your life….

By Julie Hodister


  1. Single Dad Laughing

When Dan Pearce started writing his blog, Single Dad Laughing, after his wife left him, he didn’t expect it to actually become his life. But it did, thanks to his squillions of followers. So, Dan quit his job and now writes full-time and has published three great books. Writing about whatever’s on his mind, for better or for worse, Single Dad Laughing is a must-read, and don’t miss his wonderful photographs too.



  1. Single Dad

Single Dad is a large community of online members sharing their knowledge and experience on a whole host of topics like, Single Dad dating, grooming, traveling, fitness, how to be a better parent and Dad product reviews. You’ll also find Single Dad bloggers here sharing their views on fatherhood, single life parenting and dating.



  1. Chopper Papa

Kyle Bradford writes ChopperPapa.com, a blog dedicated to observations and discussions about single parenting. This not the typical single “daddy blog” about potty training and naps; Kyle has a more candid approach to the issues single parents face.  He blogs about coping after an extramarital affair, co-parenting, relationships, dating, dealing with ex-spouses, and other tidbits he affectionately refers to as “intellectual road kill.”



  1. Single With Kids

SingleWithKids.co.uk is the largest provider of breaks for single parents in the UK and also has a thriving single parent community. Whether you’re bereaved, divorced or simply single, they offer something for all – from fabulous breaks through to a supportive online forum, dating where you can build a relationship with other single dads and mums, plus a great blog where you can read about single parent issues.



  1. Single Dad / Disabled Daughter

This is a great blog from an anonymous US single father of a severely disabled teenage daughter, who lives with him and a severely disabled son who lives in a nearby state, in a residential program. “Not yet on psych meds nor in therapy. I am in good health, decent looking, and am told I am a fantastic dad,” writes Single Dad. “I have so many stories. Life with a severely disabled child has its own challanges, add to that the prejudice of society of a single dad and a teenage daughter. Think I’m kidding? Stay tuned.” With polls, a gallery of parents and their kids, a parent to parent forum and a gripping blog, this is definitely a site you won’t want to log off. www.disableddaughter.com

  1. The Dating Dad

Divorcee Eric Elkins writes, ‘The Dating Dad: I’m Going to Get it Right One Day…’ his blog about his life as a single father coping with all the usual parenting dilemas, plus dating. Eric writes wonderfully about sharing parenting duties with his ex wife; “I wonder what it would have been like if we were still a family — if the aches would be different, or not as deep. It’s fun to be single. It’s fun to run off and play for a week. But the tradeoffs are very real at 9 o’clock in the morning, wondering when I get to see my daughter again.”




  1. Separated Dads

Being separated from your children is tough if you’re a dad. Separated Dads can help with all aspects from emotional to financial to legal. They also have a great Facebook community to support   you through the difficult times. With loads of useful articles and a section where readers can post about their personal experiences, there’s also a great article on how to start dating as a single dad.



  1. Memoirs of a Single Dad

Daniel Ruyter started his blog, Memoirs of a Single Dad on a whim and at the encouragement of friends because his dating stories always made their jaws drop. Thinking it’d be fun to share his experiences and hopefully find some other dating bloggers along the way; Daniel hopes readers will find his posts, “inspiring, funny, uplifting, sobering and insightful.”



  1. The Single Fathers Guide

Matthew Field blogs about his life raising his three kids whilst living in Hudson Valley’s Warwick, NY, USA. He is the author of ‘The Single Father’s Cookbook’ and the children’s book, ‘Father Like a Tree’ plus he’s working on a new book about dating as a single dad. Check out his posts on ‘First Date Sex and the Single Father’ and ‘Surviving Infidelity’.




  1. Single Dad House

Created as an online hangout for single divorced fathers, Ed Housewright started Single Dad House after two divorces left him with primary custody of his son. His blog has fab articles about dating like, ‘Be a success at Internet Dating’ and ‘Don’t have sex on this Mattress’, plus amusing parenting advice as well as career and money guides. He also has guest authors, including singles coach, Nina Atwood (www.singlescoach.com).



Former AOL UK Editor, Julie Hodister, has written for numerous women’s and teen magazines including, Heat, Bliss, Dare, more! 19, Smash Hits, Big! J17, Q, Sky and Chat.






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