Got that nagging feeling your Mr Right might in fact be Mr Wrong? Here’s our list of the top ten signs you’re heading in the wrong direction.

If you recognize more than three it’s time to rethink the relationship.

  1. The sex is great but the conversation goes nowhere.
  2. He doesn’t want to get to know your friends or family – he shy’s away from social commitments and “has something else on” when you suggest meeting your parents.
  3. He doesn’t share your interests. Every couple needs  to follow their own passions but most successful couples will have at least one common shared passion even if it’s just chilling with a boxset.
  4. Your friends have commented that “you don’t seem yourself”.
  5. You like the idea of him more than the reality. You recognize that it’s important for you to have someone to spend time with  – but not necessarily him.
  6. In conversation with friends, you spend more time describing his flaws than extolling his charms.
  7. He texts and you ignore it. This suggests you are not all that bothered about where he is coming from, or where this is heading.
  8. You’d choose a night out with the girls over a night in with him every time.
  9. You both misread each other’s signals – coming away from simple conversations feeling hurt or confused without really knowing why.
  10. You get a great piece of news – a promotion at work – and you don’t bother telling him because you know he won’t share your celebration.

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