You’ve got the first date. Congrats.

What to wear? – It’s one of the most common questions I get asked by single men. So I start by asking – what did you wear on the last date you had? And then it comes down to why date 2 never happened.

I recently undertook some research on what girls want men to wear and inevitably ended up with a list of things women HATE in men’s style. I’m not just referring to this list for the sake of it – these are deal breaking second date killers. Lets start with number 5.

5. Bulging wallet – Yep. You stacked up everything you could have ever owned ever into it and dragged it along. Receipts, shopping lists, business cards and so on. Why does it look terrible? A bulging pocket has never been attractive. You also look unorganized.


4. Not getting changed from work – So you’re meeting after work, and you didn’t get changed? One of my very good friends is a centerfold model, but she also teaches men how to pick up women. This is one of her biggest hates. Why is this bad? “I don’t want a man to come and see me in the same clothes he chose to meet in the board room that day” – Not my words chaps.

3. Tatty Jeans – I’m not talking about those jeans that are ripped and patched that some may refer to as ‘fashion’ – those are bad enough on their own. I mean unkempt jeans that were too long in the first place and got worn underfoot and now leave a trail like the back of a bad wedding car.

Worn out shoes

2. Worn out shoes – This could involve a plethora of things; scuffed up, worn out heels or the soles coming away. It’s been said many times before – women notice shoes. Think of it like this; if your outfit is a language, the shoes are the accent. Be clear and concise – not broken and unhearable.

Short sleeve shirt

1. Short Sleeve Shirt – The single most biggest hate. There has been a big push by designers and magazines to raise the profile of the short sleeve shirt in 2014, but it hardly ever works. Here’s the rule – if your arms fill the sleeves, go with it. If your arm is too slender – DON’T. EVER.

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