Kezia Noble is the world’s leading female dating coach for men. Published author of the best-selling book ‘The Noble Art Of Seducing Women’ she has helped over 1 million from across the globe to achieve success in their overall lifestyle and find love. 

1. Avoid acting too needy or desperate. Women have a built in antenna for this (even if you think you’re hiding it well) Always make it seem that you have other options, and that your happiness and sense of fun is not effected by the outcome of the evening or her decision. This will put you in a far more powerful position, and it drives women mad (in a good way)

2. Avoid the endless vague compliments. Women want to feel special, but they don’t want to feel idolised. Vague compliments provoke suspicion, and fail to make impact. Replace them with a limited amount of detailed compliments than feel bespoke and tailor-made for her and no one else.

3. Add ‘future projections’ into the conversation. Most women are concerned that if they sleep with a guy to early on, he will not want to see them again. Rather than using logical persuasion to convince her that YOU WILL call her afterwards, which will just end up in a ‘mood killing’ conversation. Instead, make sure to interweave some well-placed playful ‘future projections’ throughout the interaction, such as : “I can see me and you going to the cinema, and talking all the way through it, until we kicked get out” or “Me and you are definitely going to experience karaoke together, I bet you’re really shy when faced with a mic”. This will encourage to feel that there is something more in mind and plans than just a one night stand.

4. Flirt! Men don’t do this nearly enough, and then they wonder why they get locked into the friend’s zone. At some point, you need to sexually escalate the interaction, or else it will just remain a platonic conversation. A good flirt is a master of timing, so make sure that when you deliver a flirtatious line or a seductive glance, that you don’t sabotage it by over staying the ‘moment’. Flirting should provide a hint or tease into how you feel and where you would like things to go, it should not overwhelm the other person. Tantalise her, don’t swamp her!

5. Lead. Always have a game plan. This might sound very contrived, but most men fail to get anywhere with women, because they let the interaction drift and the golden opportunities pass by, because they want to be TOO ‘casual’ about the whole thing. You can’t let go of the game plan and structure of the seduction, although you can make it seem like you’re just free styling it, you need to always keep in mind the aim or the goal.

Kezia Noble, world’s leading dating coach for men, published author of best selling book “Noble Art Of Seducing Women” is a regular newspaper and magazine columnist as well as frequently appearing as a guest expert on TV shows across the globe. – Find out more at:

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