Ones to Watch – The Top 10 up and coming UK sex bloggers


There’s no end of new blogs to have on your favourites bar. Here’s our round up of the best filthy laughs and honest tales from the UK´s latest sex bloggers

By Julie Hodister


·         Nixalina @

Describing her blog as “The fashionable frolics and faux pas of a single socialite,” Nixalina´s website is full of fashion, make-up, celebrity interviews, as well as delving into the reality of being a single woman looking for love in the Big Smoke. The relationship and dating articles have attracted global followers and have got her known as London’s real-life answer to ‘Carrie Bradshaw’. Her witty and brutally honest sex posts are a must-read.

2As Rachel writes, “Yes, I know how to spell ´cocktails´. This blog may prompt people to assume I have an innate hatred for the opposite sex, which I’d like to take this moment to explain is not the case. Having said this, like someone wise once said, “there is a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t help other women” and so if this blog makes a few ladies smile, even at the expense of a couple of male egos, I don’t consider that the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

Please note, no males were harmed in the making of Rachel’s fantastic blog!


When this blog first started (July 2013), Miss Twenty-Nine (Charly) was a twenty-nine year-old Financial Contractor, living in Berkshire.  All her friends were coupled up, and she felt like she was being left behind, because she was a singleton. What began as a summer dating challenge has developed into one of the most respected newer dating, sex and love advice blogs online. As you can find out by reading Charly´s posts, it was never planned, which is what makes it such fun to read.


LaLa, also known as Little Miss V is a 26-year-old blogger originally from North west London, now living in Tel Aviv. A definite one to watch for in the sex bloggers stratosphere, she writes about dating, love, sex and relationships, with a sense of humour that’ll having you laughing out loud at your screen. Don’t miss her ´Wanking In Cars with Boys´ post.


If you’re after straight talking sex and relationship insights, this is a blog to keep on your favourites bar. Join Oloni´s mailing list for
posts on Valentine’s Day, ´Situationships´, the 80/20 rule and sexy lingerie that’ll have any hot-blooded male going gaga for a one-to-one with you.


Straight male singleton, Jordi, has been described as “having the brain of a male Carrie Bradshaw with the looks of Adam Levine”. His blog is a no-nonsense insight into his dating, sex and love life in London, with some cool bar and club reviews thrown in for good measure. Funny, inspiring and interesting, Jordi´s blog won’t disappoint.


This blog has a little bit of everything, from in-depth sex toy reviews and educational guides that cover many areas of sexuality, to  articles on fetish, kink and BDSM. Plus, a whole host of erotic photography and erotic stories. If you’re looking for a beginners guide to pussy pumps, Gritty Woman is the place to find it!


Dubliner Luke writes a sex and relationships diary that many a dater will relate to. Embarrassing raging boners at the gym? Luke´s has been there. Fancy Countdown’s Rachel Riley? Luke blogs about what he’d like to do with her, and it’s not fractions. A refreshingly honest insight into a dating dude’s mind. Log on to Luke.


Office worker, Marcello chronicles his misadventures in sex and dating with this blog tagged as “One man’s foray into the world of online dating”. He writes, “It may provide some satisfaction to know that while the corporate male may excel at workplace bluff and bravado, some of us are utterly inept in the dating arena.”


Late 20 something Brit girl, SJ, has a major love of the naughtier side of life; be it written, visual or otherwise, claiming she is, “very much an erotic kind of girl.” Starting her blog as a base for her sexy musings, SJ writes her fantasies, which she says are fiction, “though some posts are more factual than other, but a girl never tells which is which…” Naughty!



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