Daniel Johnson is Strictly Dating’s resident styling expert for Men. Daniel has worked as a mens stylist and personal shopper since 2008 where his work has involved travel both nationally and internationally working with men ranging from college students to corporate executives.

He has created the unique online mens style consultancy company The Rules of Style to make image consultancy affordable to every man across the world and to provide practical mens style advice.

From 2008 onwards Daniel was introduced to the dating industry where he started to take on his first clients. He worked on French television, gave speeches and workshops in London, Leeds, Manchester and many other places in the UK. Word soon spread and after graduation he set out to start The Rules of Style Ltd whilst working with private clients to provide personal shopping and professional image consultancy.

Now he runs Daniel-Johnson Style consultancy here in London and across the UK to offer his services and the services of my team to a wider audience.

Daniel writes with a direct and witty style cutting through the noise and elegantly getting guys onto the right styling tracks.

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