Expert dating advice – join Strictly Dating for an indepth interview with Unconditional Loving Life Coach Sharon Winningham. Sharon Winningham is a love and life coach whose mission is to help people solve the mystery of why finding love can be so difficult. In this thought provoking interview with Strictly Dating, Sharon explores common reasons why people cannot move forward in their search for dating advice

Sharon’s coaching begins with the premise that in order to move forward in our search for love we often have to overcome issues in the past and learn to really understand what love is. If you grew up in a background where you were not exposed to loving behaviours it will be very difficult to recognize love when it presents itself.

Sharon’s coaching can help daters spot the qualities in someone else that demonstrates they have the capacity to give love. Filled with personal anecdotes, examples and practical tips this short audio interview could help you overcome some of the common relationship blockers.

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Strictly Dating is proud to present expert dating advice from a wide spectrum of dating and relationship coaches.

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