Nothing is worse than going to bed while you are upset at your spouse or the person you are dating.  Do not go to bed upset – that rule applies regardless of whether you are living together or not.  It is extremely unhealthy and can cause a lot of resentment, not to mention what a way to begin your next morning with unwanted feelings!  Many people do not have the ability to be the bigger person in a situation.  Fights involve a lot of “I was right, they were wrong” or, “I was waiting for them to apologize first.”  Cut out all of that crap and be mature adults – somebody step up to the plate.  You hear it all the time, good communication in any relationship is key.  Well, being able to settle your differences in a given scenario is also part of that.
Here are some of the things you can say to make amends with your partner.

1)  “I hate fighting with you, let’s just forget about this and move forward.”
2) “Look.  I’m sorry.”
3) “I can’t go to bed with you upset with me.  I won’t be able to sleep. How can we make this better?”
4)  “I love you.  Let’s not let this get between us.”

Words can be powerful things, but putting them to use at the right times touches the heart in the deepest ways.  It’s important to show your partner or person you are interested in that even when you are upset, you still care about them more than you care to be upset with them.  Take a deep breath, even if you are the one who’s right in the situation.  Just nip it in the butt.   Whatever the fight, it’s not worth the tossing and turning or tears on your pillow throughout the night.   An apology and a hug go a long way to showing a person how much you truly care. You need to love, even when it is extremely difficult.  Do not let pride come in the way of that.

By: Chanté Salick


Chanté Salick is a Dating & Relationship Coach, Author and Love Blogger for several dating companies. She understands the dynamics between men and women and has a passion for helping others to understand the opposite sex.  More importantly, she strives to discover what may be holding people back from achieving a great love-life, after all… that is what it’s all about isn’t it? Her diverse experiences in the dating world and dedication to gaining continuous knowledge in her field toppled with her direct coaching style, makes for noticeable and positive results with her clients.
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