Some interesting articles doing the rounds this week. If you enjoyed our interview with Caroline Brealey on the ups and downs offinding love at work then take a look at this WSJ article on the right way to manage an office romance.

He said, she said – a man’s perspective on the signs you are onto a winner with this 15 signs you are in the right relationship.

If your heart is feeling a bit bruised from a relationship break-down take comfort with 21 reasons to start dating again. I hope one if not more of these reasons will resonate with you.


Men step away from the smartphone – pause before your selfie to check out 12 cliched online profile photos that you really do need to edit out. Actually we quite like this one.

And finally an indispensable and amusing guide to netiquette – from swiping right on your cousin to posting nude photos on Twitter this article is sure to help you out of some awkward social media faux pas.

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