Well written emails will help you kick-start a new online relationship.  Emails and texts will be the first interactions you have with prospective partners so how can you make them interesting, compelling and engaging enough to ensure a response? Great emails will help you create a bond that continues into real-life meetings so it’s important to get them right.

John Seymour, Online Dating Expert and NLP Professional and Susan Quilliam, Online Dating Expert and Relationship Psychologist provide practical tips for writing emails that can grow your relationship. They share three tips for ensuring continued communication – reveal, respond and request.

Susan Quilliam has always had a passion for helping people get the best relationships possible. Her work in the field includes coaching, broadcasting and training and she’s written 21 books on the topic, published in 31 countries. Susan is particularly enthusiastic  about online dating and has worked with many of the top sites – although she admits that as a new way of finding love, it can involve a steep learning curve. To help people succeed online, she offers support coaching, teaches online dating courses at The School of Life, and along with John Seymour has launched Online Dating Experts, a website resource to guide daters through the process.

To contact Susan or John for details of their coaching services or the courses they run, log on to www.onlinedatingexperts.co.uk.

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