Been on a bad date? Struggling to take something positive from the experience? In this short video Strictly Dating expert Cate McKenzie explains the importance of bad dates and how they can eventually lead you to the right relationship.

Perhaps your date has been rude, boring or did not match up to their profile description. Each ‘bad’ date provides you with insight into the ‘right’ date – providing you are open to learning from it.

Cate is a Love and Sex Coach, stand up comic and artist. She is a qualified Life Coach and Psychosexual therapist with a background in teaching dance and drama in community settings.Through Cate’s coaching, she helps clients create goals around communication, relationship and desires and her therapy training div dives deep into needs, sexuality and the body and how to work with breaks in relationship with the self or other.

Note: many bad dates stem from people purely looking for sex. If thats you, go direct to a sex meets website rather than a dating website!

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