According to Relate, in 2013 alone over 120,000 families with dependent children separated in the UK. While this can be a good thing for the adults, it also involves a degree of separation between parent and child that can be hard. It can also be hard for the grandparents to maintain a relationship too.

Modern technology can make a significant difference in such a situation. No, it will never be the same as being with them every day or living within easy reach but it will help maintain the connection.

By sharing stories of their childhood including the sports they enjoyed, the sorts of games they played, the TV shows they watched and even the sweets they ate (anyone remember Opal Fruits and Marathon bars??) a parent is talking about the things that are most relevant to the child in their day to day life. Activities and things they can relate to. This forms links that help bonding and connection by allowing the discovery of common ground. These subjects are also neutral ones. Talking about family and family history and stories are also important to nurture the sense of self and belonging. Knowing their roots, helps a child feel grounded. However, this can be tricky in the whirlwind of a weekend, when time is precious and finite.

This is where comes in. Our online animated interviewer coaxes memories and information. Answers to questions are video recorded, password protected, saved and stored online in relevant chapters. These video clips form a wonderful library of information that are easy to watch and appeal to the younger generations. The child or grandchild can access them whenever they have the time or need. Logging on to pre-recorded material can also diffuse a potential situation if phone calls are tricky to make.

Video clips resonate more with the viewer than text or photos. Seeing and hearing the mannerisms, expressions, voice and laugh of the ones we love is so important.  Building up the library in video clips makes it easier to do too. It only takes a minute or two to answer a question and this can be fitted into even the busiest of schedules.

Getting into the habit of recording the answers to a question or two every week makes it easy to build up a wonderful library. Answering the questions together can be a lovely, bonding activity too.

As Lifestorybank is online, all family members need is an internet connection and an email address to receive a password to access and view the stories. The invitation to view and password are important as Lifestorybank is a private network and no one can search for your details online. has a free option of three chapters with carefully selected questions or FULL membership costs a single fee of £90 and gives access to 32 Chapters, guaranteed storage and access to all future chapters.

So why not give it a go? Go to  As a Strictly Dating reader, you get 10% discount off Full membership by applying the discount code SD2014 (available until January 2015)

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