A Strictly Dating member asks “ In my last relationship the sex died out – I feel like this may be happening again in my current relationship, how can I keep the sexual flame alive?” It’s a problem faced by most couples as their relationship grows, develops and changes over time. It can be easy to stop seeing your partner as a sexual being and to become complacent in the ways that you interact with each other. In this short video Love and Sex Therapist Cate McKenzie explores the subject of a dwindling sex life. She shares three easy to implement tips to get your sex life back on track again.

Cate is a Love and Sex Coach, stand up comic and artist. She is a qualified Life Coach and Psychosexual therapist with a background in teaching dance and drama in community settings.Through Cate’s coaching, she helps clients create goals around communication, relationship and desires and her therapy training div dives deep into needs, sexuality and the body and how to work with breaks in relationship with the self or other.

 Find out more about Cate at http://www.catemackenzie.com/ or https://twitter.com/CateMackenzie/

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