How can I tell if a girl is interested in me? What signs should I be looking out for to know that a girl is attracted to me? In this video,

Caroline Brealey - Dating Expert

Caroline Brealey – Dating Expert

Strictly Dating and renowned Dating Expert and Matchmaker Caroline Brealey share tips and techniques for assessing if a woman is into you including communication, non-verbal cues and body language.

If you find women a bit of a mystery this video is for you!

Caroline is based and London and described as the ‘Matchmaker of Matchmakers’ by BBC Radio 4. Caroline’s goal is to help you find, keep and love the relationship and life that you deserve.

Caroline founded Mutual Attraction, the UK’s only dating agency to ever be awarded ‘Best Matchmaker’ at the prestigious idate matchmaking awards. Caroline set up Mutual Attraction because there was not a London dating agency that appealed to people like Caroline – dynamic, vibrant and living life to the full. Caroline’s passion? Introducing people to their life partner and supporting them to build a life 

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