Our mission is to get exactly the right relationship for you. Together with our partners, we literally invest millions of pounds each year in state of the art technology to ensure that you get the best dating experience.

state-of-art   What does this mean to you? It means you can access Strictly Dating on your iPhone, your android, iPad or literally any mobile device. It means you can pay by credit card, by paypal, over your phone – in fact whatever way suits you best. It means we take spam very seriously and invest a lot to remove scammers so that the people you connect with are real people just like you who are serious about finding a relationship. It means we have location based services – we can zero in on where you are and match you up with people who live near you. That’s not all – every month our teams of developers are working hard to bring new updates, all designed to give you the very best dating experience. Want to see how it all works? Join free at the Strictly Dating Site right here.

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