We’ve found some really great dating blogs and stories in the news this week for our round.

dating a man with a cat

dating a man with a cat


Our top 5 favourites were:

1) This great blog by Cara Sutra, leading sex blogger on being one of the most influential sex bloggers in the UK and what being an influential sex blogger really means -Full article here and here 

2) The Dating app which uses facial recognition to let you find a lookalike of your previous partner. Yikes!!

3) The top 10 sexist dating tips from 1938 – some great funnies in here.

4) A step by step guide to 49 nights of incredible sex (more focused on the guys on this one)

5) And wrapping up – our personal favourite – why you absolutely need to date a guy with a cat!!!

That’s our round up for the week – happy dating everyone : )

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